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  • Program Design

    The Fortis School of Nursing Practical Nursing program at All-State Career School provides the theory, laboratory, and clinical experiences to prepare students to sit for the NCLEX licensure exam and pursue an entry-level position in Practical Nursing. The clinical portion of the nursing curriculum includes hands-on experience providing nursing care to diverse patient populations in hospitals and other healthcare agencies. In addition, the clinical portion of the PN program will enable the student to observe first-hand the behaviors that are crucial to employability.

  • Practical Nursing Careers

    LPNs are often frontline caregivers in a variety of healthcare settings. They frequently work under the supervision of an RN and/or doctor and may be responsible for the supervision of nursing aides. While specific job responsibilities will vary by state and place of employment, LPNs are often accountable for a range of patient care and administrative tasks, including:

    • Taking and recording patient’s vital signs
    • Administering medications
    • Collecting body fluid specimen samples
    • Performing standard lab tests
    • Nursing wounds
    • Listening to patient concerns and answering their questions
    • Assembling equipment such as catheters, gastrostomy (feeding) tubes, and oxygen supplies
  • Career Outlook

    Practical nursing is a rapidly growing career that is expected to grow over the next several years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As baby boomers are reaching retirement age, even more LPN positions are expected to become available. LPNs will also find plenty of advancement opportunities as they progress in their careers.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    We try to make your education here at All-State Career as affordable as possible by offering a variety of financial aid options including grants and scholarships for those who qualify.

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